Social Media Management


With over 15 million Australians on Facebook - more than half of all Australians - it's undoubtedly one of the most powerful ways to market your business.

It allows you to target audiences specific to your brand, building solid relationships with your ideal clients. 

The problem is, it's not as easy as it sounds.

We all use Facebook on a personal level, however using it as business platform successfully requires strategy and planning, plus an understanding of consumer psychology.

Make sure you don't waste another cent or lose hours of your precious time; start increasing your client numbers today by passing on the hard work to us. No hard feelings - We love it!

What's included?

Coaching + Strategy session

Social Media is an essential piece of your marketing, however it cannot be your entire strategy. In these monthly sessions, we will ensure your social marketing is consistent with the rest of your branding and business model.

This ultimately will make your Facebook marketing AND your other marketing more successful. 


Social media often lacks the 'social' we make sure that no comment goes without a reply and you will start to build actual relationships with potential clients.


The first thing people notice is the image, which is why it's so important to have a beautifully curated feed. We work with you to ensure you've got high quality graphics to represent your brand.

Facebook Live Training

You may have noticed that your engagement on Facebook slowly dropping, one of the best free ways to get around this is to utilise the power of Facebook Live. As Facebooks newest project, they are pushing this content out further.

In these sessions we will help you to use the power of Facebook Live and build an engaged and receptive following. 

Not sure which social media platforms are for you? These statistics will give you an idea on the various platforms and which will suit your business best.

Still not sure, claim a free strategy session and we will help you decide where to focus!