Are you ready to kick start your marketing and build the business you’ve dreamed of? 

You want easy to use marketing strategies, that bring you clients you love, and don’t cost the earth.

If only it was as easy as reading a blog post or twelve…

You’ve read so many articles, signed up to every course you can find and still haven’t found the solution that suits you.

You’ve spent hundreds (if not thousands) on courses, tried your absolute best to implement the new tactics, and still feel stuck in the same old strategies.

I’m Dahna Borg and I work with dynamic entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to create businesses that work for themselves, developing strategies that sell and helping them create a life they love.

As an entrepreneur myself, I work with people who want to:

  • Create campaigns that drive sales and leads – even while you sleep
  • Learn all of the latest marketing strategies and keep up to date
  • Have to stop themselves from check their emails every five minutes to see if another sale has come through – and it probably has
  • Develop a brand that makes people say, “Oh, I love you guys!” – Because brand should be loved.


I believe that it’s vital for business owners to fully understand their own marketing.


Running your own marketing campaigns is easy once you know the tactics the experts use. I’ll even share with you the best ways to outsource ‘wisely’ for when your business grows!

Because when you understand your marketing, you’ll make better decisions, faster and be able to drive more sales.


When you work with me you get access to a University Degree in Marketing, plus years of experience working with small businesses like yours to get started and make sales.

As we work together I’ll encourage you to discover new marketing tools, learn how to test and measure, and to realise that you cannot fail at marketing. There are only lessons on how to do it better next time.

By the time our work is done you’ll have a clear idea on how to market your particular business, because all businesses are not the same and you’ll have sales rolling in.


So you’re ready to take the next step? Click below to register for a free strategy session!