Facebook Advertising

There are over 15million Australians on Facebook, spending an average of 1.7 hours per day on the platform.

That's almost 2 hours a day where they are ready and waiting to see your brand.

Facebook is the biggest collector of information and allows us to have these incredibly targeted and driven ads that allow you to build relationships with your perfect clients. 

Perhaps you have dabbled in Facebook ads before and haven't seen a single dollar returned. You are not alone.

Facebook makes it incredibly easy to advertise, but they don't tell you the ins and outs of consumer psychology, how to create marketing funnels, and how to create content that is engaging ONLY to your ideal client.

This is where we come in,we can help you create a campaign that will drive actual results to your dream clients.


Previous Facebook Advertising Results

I recently ran a campaign for a PT Business in Melbourne. She was looking to launch a bootcamp and wanted to give people a chance to try it out.

The first week, we spent $190 on ads. This resulted in 27 people signing up for the trial, and a number of them signed up for her full progam which resulted in over $3,500 in sales.

Another client runs a successful eCommerce business. They wanted to focus on getting more people on their email list so we devised a campaign to do just that.

In just one week we added 103 potential clients to their list at just $0.58 each! And that’s just in the first week. 

This Yoga Studio had just launched and wanted to get people in the door, fast. In the first two weeks of the campaign we got 36 new leads at an average cost of $2.47 each. This is for full name, email and phone - so even those that didn’t come through the first time (and there weren’t many) they are now on their email list to follow up over time.

So whether you're looking to grow your email list, increase your sales online or get more in-person clients Facebook Ads can help!

What's included in a campaign?

  • Strategy sessions to determine your point of difference, ideal client, targeting options, and to help craft your opt-in
  • Full ad creation including any images and video editing
  • Complete funnel creation - The most important part of Facebook Ads is actually what comes AFTER the ad.
  • Retargeting Ads - The most cost effective ad there is, and they will help you get the most new leads.
  • All graphic design costs