Episode 4

Travis Bell - The Bucket List Guy

Travis Bell - The Bucket List Guy

Welcome to the 4th Episode of the Bright Minds Podcast, today we interview the incredible Travis Bell, also known as The Bucket List guy. Learn how to create you the life you want and avoid the 'work life balance' altogether. We discuss creating your own bucket list, how to set and achieve goals and what Travis does to stay on track.

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Show Notes

Want to get in touch with Trav and learn more about his adventures and programs? Check out his site here: http://www.thebucketlistguy.com!

How to create a bucket list:

  1. Create time and space
  2. Write it down - Separate from your day-to-day To Do List
  3.  Pick something and take action

How to create a life you love:

  1. What do you want to do?
  2. Find a really cool way to fund it?

Best Goal Setting Strategies

Be really, really specific about your goals.


How are you book ending your day?

Travis 's Inspiration:

Richard Branson

Tim Ferris


Favourite Books:

All things Richard Branson