Episode 3



Gavin's Best Business Tips:

  • Take Action
  • Find a Mentor

Sales Call Strategies

  1. Pre Call Planning - what are your goals for the call?

  2. Call from a position of Authority - Be the General Manager, Director ie. General Manager of Customer Service calling on behalf of…

  3. Tonality is important

  4. Have a script and use your own words


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Script Writing Tips

  • Start with an interest grabbing statement 

  •  The reason for your call 

  • Never start with, 'How are you?'

  • Keep your name singular ie. Dahna not Dahna Borg

  • Always ask, 'Is this a good time?' or 'I would love a couple of moments of your time, do you have a few moments?'

  • Qualify the lead


Book and additional education Recommendations

Milton Erikson's Work


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