Do It Yourself

Sometimes you just want to take things into your own hands and do everything yourself, especially when you are just starting out!

This is why we have created some tools to make sure you start off on the right path. Make sure you check back as we will be adding more tools and templates over time.

Enjoy, feel free to ask questions, and share away!

Marketing Media Planner

The key to successful marketing is consistency and organisation.

Organising your marketing on a weekly basis is confusing and complicated. When am I posting what? What blog posts do I need to write? Where and when am I sharing them?

Use this Marketing Media Planner to get a weekly overview of what needs to be done and when so you never lose track!

Facebook Marketing Strategy Checklist

When you're starting out on Facebook it can be hard to learn the ropes. Even if you spend a lot of time on Facebook, using it for business requires an entirely different way of thinking.

This checklist is designed to make sure you get the most out of the early days of your Facebook Marketing and to make sure you know a few of the insider tricks to get the most out of your efforts. 

It can also be a great tool for an established page to ensure you are still on track and to make minor improvements!