The Power of Thank You

thank you message

When was the last time you received a handwritten thank you note or a gift from a customer/client/supplier/business contact or even just a friend? I bet you can remember the gift and the person... and do you know why? Because it just doesn't happen very often anymore. If you're looking for ways to build customer relations, there is nothing greater than a handwritten note, and for exceptional clients a gift. Size and cost doesn't matter as much as the thought that went into it, and the time and care spent handwriting a note.

Anyone can take two seconds to write a thank you email, but handwritten and posted (in the mail) takes so much more care and attention and is worth much more - and best of all - it is remembered.

Don't forget to include customer satisfaction and loyalty into your marketing programs. Marketing isn't all about social media, advertising campaigns, and sales calls - make sure your current customers feel the love as well!