How To Stay Creative

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One of the hardest aspects of marketing is constantly staying creative. This is especially true, when it is your business and you have been involved for a few years, it can get monotonous and difficult to get out of the rut, and difficult to think of yet ANOTHER way to sell the same product. So what can you do to re-invent the wheel or stay creative? Here are some tips!

  1. Borrow ideas from other industries. If something works in another industry there is always the opportunity to try it in your industry.
  2. Brainstorm. Go crazy. Come up with as many ideas as humanly possible, not matter how ridiculous and narrow them down at later time.
  3. Read. Follow Industry blogs, follow marketing blogs, follow fashion blogs. When it comes to marketing there are very few rules.. and even then, they are more like guidelines. Don't be afraid to step out of the box!
  4. Change your space. If you're stuck in the same space all the time it can be difficult to come up with new ideas, move offices, work from the kitchen bench, find a cute coffee shop, or have an afternoon by the beach brainstorming.
  5. Take notes throughout the day and while you're not working - You might see something while out for dinner, or at the movies or hear something on the radio. You never know when inspiration will strike.
  6. Collaborate with others - This can be hard if you are a one-man band. But it that is the case find friends or join a networking group to talk with like-minded individuals -Two brains are always better than one.
  7. Practise - Practise being creative, practise coming up with new content and brainstorming. Being creative comes naturally to some people, it can also be trained. So even if the first set of ideas aren't great, keep going, you'll find a gem eventually!

What are your keys to staying creative?