Why Image is Everything

HDTV entertainment concept

We live in a visual world - text based marketing rarely works well any more (it still has it's place in certain arenas). Especially not on Social Media. Don't forget that you are trying to target people who are scrolling through thousands of posts, from friends and families, and from you and the hundreds of other businesses trying to woo potential clients.

Some key points to remember:

1. Always pick quality and engaging images - use them everywhere. In your emails, in your posts, on your website, and especially on social media.

2. Make sure you OWN the images! Don't think you can get away with it, just purchase the images or make sure they are royalty free. There are plenty of stock photo sites - My favourite at the moment is DollarPhotoClub - every image is $1.. yep $1! Go check it out, and the images are unique as it is an exclusive stock photo site.

3. Make sure the image is relevant, too many ads on Facebook have bizarre images that don't match what they are selling or the text. If you are being intentionally different, make sure that the text explains the obscure image choice - Don't be quirky for the sake of being quirky if there isn't a point or if it doesn't fit your brand strategy.

4. Make sure your images suit your branding - if you are a quirky, fun company - go crazy. If you are a professional, corporate - you need to be much more careful. If you're an environmental focused company, make sure you use images to reflect that!

5. Text on images is a great tool to use, and you don't have to be a graphic designer to make beautiful images! There are some great iPhone apps for square images (Over, A Beautiful Mind and Notegraphy), Fotor is a good desktop application that works well too!

6. If you are sharing images on social media, try and have them link to something relevant. The occasional image is good - but if you can get it to link to your site, or further content… that's even better!