Size Does Matter

Man wearing tie holding tape measure

Size does matter when it comes to Facebook and imagery (What? Not where you thought this post was going? haha sorry!) Today I am launching a new Facebook competition for a client, it is going to be great, I'll share the results with you when it's all over.. but it is all very exciting. Anyway, I was trying to post the link to the competition, and attach the image so it all looked perfect, and it kept resizing to a thumbnail. Not what we wanted, and I couldn't figure out why…

I figured it out and thought I'd share with you! If an image is smaller than 484px (w) x 252px (h) it will automatically change to a thumbnail. Not what we wanted, so now the problem is all fixed and we have learnt our lesson, size does matter - at least when it comes to Facebook!

In the process I found this great guide to Facebook sizing, from cover photos to links and profile photos, check out David Colemans website here: - Actually, just check out his work anyway, he is a brilliant photographer!!