NEW Social Media Management Packages

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By now we all know how important Facebook marketing is, however, that doesn't mean that everyone has the time to invest in learning how to use it well and to implement that knowledge. This is why so many businesses outsource their Facebook marketing to experts who can drive sales and traffic instead.

As you may know, depending on how long you have been following for, Bright Red Marketing has come a long way, and we are happy to announce our brand NEW Social Media Management Packages.

Drumroll please….

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These packages are made to suit every budget and requirement, and keep in mind that they do include Facebook Advertising as well.

The Bronze package, is great if you are just starting out and want to test the waters, it is a basic package so the results will come in a little more slowly, but you will definitely still get results.

The Silver package, is the most popular package (yes, there is already a most popular package even though we just launched!) You get a great range of content and a significant Facebook Advertising allowance. This package will give you fantastic results.

Finally the Gold package, this package suits the more established Facebook page, or the smaller page that really wants to get a head start and get the ball running. With regular posts, fast response times, and an extend Facebook Advertising allowance - your Facebook Page will be reaching new heights and you will see significant results in the first week or two.

If you would like to sign up to one of these packages, or would like some more information just send us a quick email here and we will be in touch.