What you need to know about email marketing


All around us people are cutting down on their marketing. When times get tough, it is often the first to go. What we find time and time again is that the businesses that can keep up their marketing, are the ones that make it through thriving.

So how can you still market your business effectively and cheaply, and still see excellent results? Email marketing!

Photo Credit: Ed Siasoco (aka SC Fiasco) via Compfight cc

Email marketing costs you very little and when done properly can continually bring you new clients. Here are some tips and strategies to help you get the best results.

1. Use an email marketing program like AWeber or Mail Chimp: These programs allow you to manage your lists, set up auto responders, and ensure your emails are beautiful - which actually does increase their success rate!

Mail Chimp is an excellent program, and great for smaller businesses - it is free to a point, so doesn't have the same features as AWeber, which is paid for - but for those with larger databases it is an invaluable tool and critical to your marketing success.

2. Email regularly: I don't advise emailing more than twice a week for my clients, but there are certain industries that will send emails every day, or once a fortnight - it is about testing, which is again why a program like AWeber is so vital to success.

3. Make sure you have a mix of interesting content and sales: You want to make sure that everything you send to your customers is interesting, and yet you still need to be making money. For example, if you are a health food company - you could do an email on how to stay healthy this winter, and include a link to one of your immune products as one of the bullet points.

4. Use an attention grabbing headline: No one wants to read an email about 'It's winter' however they are much more likely to read - The top 5 secrets to staying healthy this winter!

5. Use your client/potential clients name: With the email programs and databases around it is almost unacceptable to send a bulk email to - Dear Friend... When you are collecting email addresses, make sure you get at least a first name as well. It makes such a difference and there are still people who think you individually wrote them an email... which is always a little strange, but definitely works in your favour!

*If you don't have someones name, use Dear Friend - just try to avoid being in that position in the first place

As much as the above tips are something you should definitely be implementing - it is important to know that there will always be trial and error with any type of marketing and email marketing, although it is so quick, it is also forgiving in nature so don't be afraid to try new things - but please always proof-read your work first!

And if you are looking for inspiration, have a look at the emails you regularly read... What do you like about them? Dislike about them and go from there!