Top 5 Websites you might not use in your Marketing, but should!

In the marketing world, there are so many tools available to us all and it can be hard to figure out which ones are right for you! Here are a few of my favourites:

1. TeleCube: This site, allows you to cheaply purchase 1300 numbers for use in your business and marketing campaigns. It allows you to track the calls and see who called when. Brilliant for your next marketing campaign!

2. Google Trends: Google strikes again with it's ability to inform - Find out the trending topics over the last few years. We used this site with one of my clients just last week and discovered that their 'core industry' and the key words they were using have declined dramatically in the last few years. We soon had proof of what we already knew that the industry has changed enormously and we are now restructuring their marketing in light of this!

3. oDeskFreelancer or elance: Outsourcing at its finest. An easy way to source everything from data entry and content writing, to website building and 3D designing. You need to make sure you are very clear with what you want and you will find some fantastic people to work with.

4. 99 Designs Your first port of call for all of your design needs. This site is great for logo design, especially if you don't have a very distinct idea in mind as you get a number of different views all for the one price. The flyers and other design work I've had done through here has always been great.

5. Deliver It: Sick of creating great content, and then having to share it individually on multiple social media sites? This site does it all for you. Automatically. Register now and save yourself so much time!

What are your favourite sites to use?