B2B Deal Sites

I have been reading the Anthill Online Blog for quite some time, and love some of their posts. Just the other day I discovered AntMart - Possibly one of the greatest business discoveries I've made in a while. We've all heard about the success of businesses like Groupon, Spreets, Living Local etc. However all of these deal sites have been business to consumer, until now. Anthill has started AntMart, which is a deals websites targetted at B2B - which is fantastic! Their main market is SME's and I think it is a brilliant idea and very useful to B2B businesses.

I've always had my doubts and concerns with clients using deal sites. Unless they are able to make a profit on that first sale, I personally believe the risk is too high. With that in mind, if a business can provide deals for other businesses and still make a profit, I think its a fantastic marketing tool.

You aren't paying per click, or paying an outright marketing fee - You only pay if a sale is actually made, and you can stipulate a minimum number that must be ordered before the deal goes live! Think of the amazing opportunities this could provide for your business!

Some businesses would know the cost of aquiring a new customer. The right offer can be a rather inexpensive way of introducing new clients to your business.

Make sure you check it out here, and let me know what you think of Deal Websites and AntMart.