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What The Facebook Algorithm Changes Really Mean

Thinking the change to the Facebook Algorithm is the end of the world? It's not. And these tips will help.

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Decoding Facebook Ad Types

It's a maze just navigating your way through the 12 different types of Facebook Ads. These tips make life a little easier in reaching Facebook Advertising happiness.

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Facebook ad’s and GIF’s? A what? A GIF?

A well-designed GIF has the ability to reach out to the emotions of potential customers, and associate your product or service with a particular feeling or aspiration or even just make them laugh. This link can be extremely valuable when trying to sell a product or service and successful marketers take full advantage of it!

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Never miss out on a sale or lead again with retargeting!
How much should I be spending on Facebook ads?

Ah, the million dollar question!

First things first, if you've spent more than $5-20 on an ad and you haven't had a result (we will talk about what kind of results you should be aiming for in a minute) - the ad isn't working.

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The importance of your relevance score... and how to fix it if yours is too low!

If you've ever run a Facebook Ad, you'll be familiar with the, often, dreaded relevance score. Seemingly by a stroke of luck you may get a 7 or 8 but you're never really sure why or how.

The only thing you know for sure is that you frequently see ads with no score, or a 2-3, and you've heard it's bad.

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