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The Art Of The Split Test - The most vital component of any marketing campaign

One of the core elements of marketing is the split test. You hear people talk about how you need to test and measure a campaign, but how exactly do you do that? 

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You Need To Do This 1 Thing Before January 31st.

We are officially two weeks into January 2017, and I know most of you are already heads down working hard towards your goals for 2017.

But, I need you to stop and reflect for a moment.

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The 3 Letter Metric You Need to Know Before You Do Any Marketing

There are some metrics that are fun to know, and they make you feel good. Then there are the important ones that can actually help your business to track.

This is one of those metrics. Knowing it and focusing on it is incredibly powerful to your business.

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The difference between "giving your best stuff for free" and "working for free"

A couple of days ago I shared an article about 'not being salesy' which means giving away a lot of your best work, for free. But I don't want you to confuse this with working for free. There is a massive difference, and it's important that you can differentiate the two.

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