The Best Ads of Black Friday 2018

Black Friday has become synonymous with amazing deals. An American tradition falling on the Friday after Thanksgiving, the first official day of the shopping season has now become a worldwide retail phenomenon - particularly when it comes to online sales. When Paypal releases reports that Black Friday broke records in sales from mobile devices for $1B, it’s time to take notice.

With almost 7,000 people around Australia participating in Black Friday sales, so here are some of my favourite ads from the big day.

The common theme was attention grabbing video! So next time you have a big sale, why not put a little extra time into your ad, and come up with a clever video concept.


As the world's first zero waste, full range beauty brand, Kiwi brand Conscious & Conscious Beauty Bar Ethique Beauty ran a campaign of 3 second video promising 20% off store-wide.

This sweet video did two things well, thanking their customers AND promoting their sale. With their bright colourful packaging, this ad was a stand out in my newsfeed.


The handy Tile App that uses wifi to locate your belongings in seconds offered up to 50% off with a subtle 5 second - almost-cinemagraphic -video.

Cinemagraphs are a great way to amp up the attention-grabbing factor of your ads if you don’t have a videographer. Plenty of editing apps have built in filters to turn your photos into moving images.


Saving women with a larger bust, for D-cup and up with bikinis, local Aussie brand Lilly & Lime offered 70% off their Signature range with other great deals from their collections.

This was one of my favourite ads of the day. Attention grabbing, unique, show casing their range, and promoting their sale.

Very clever ad style that could be used by many different product types.


Noosa-based activewear and swimwear Exoticaathletica jumped into the Black Friday action with their 30% off sale.

This ad was another favourite, with their diverse body types, happy models, showcasing a range of product with fun filters - this was another stand out ad.

You’ve got to remember, when it comes to Black Friday nearly every post your customer sees in their feed is going to be a Black Friday ad, so you need to stand out.


Melbourne & LA-based premium shorts designer Eubi Shorts also got into the Black Friday spirit with their Biggest. Sale. Ever.

This was a more simple ad, but just as powerful, with it’s quick moving graphics, it got your attention and showed you some of their product range quickly.


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