Checklist To Get Business On The Right Foot


We’re always reflecting on our coulda, shoulda, woulda tasks in business to review, evaluate and set goals for progress. But when time is our most valuable currency, we need to establish upfront, the tasks and projects worth spending time on.

While goals are critical in moving forward, our goals also need to be effective. Our figures present a distinct snapshot to kickstart a plan of action, setting clear goals and directions for the way ahead.

Follow our Checklist To Get Business On The Right Foot to not just survive, but actually thrive, in our everyday.

List Achievements, Successes & Failures
Review your business status and database, segment them into groups and identify who were your best and most profitable customers. Also note when and where things went skewiff. You’ll see a picture of your profitability and exactly where your time is best spent while anticipating similar pitfalls in the future.

Review The Figures
Download and print out our outline from >here<. Fill in the blanks to review your figures, then use the stats to audit how and where your business needs to expand.

Set Realistic Goals
Work backwards:
Outline your top goals and break them down by quarterly milestones, month-to-month executions, then weekly and daily tasks.
Set Key Performance Indicator KPIs to measure the factors crucial for success. These could be the number of leads, new clients or visitors to your website.

Evaluate Online Presence
Analyse your online presence with an online search of your industry keywords to see where you appear.
Make sure you are listed on all the main Search Engines.
This includes:

Track and Monitor Website & Social Media Traffic
Understand your online efforts through Google Analytics and Social Media Insights. This gauges the webpages and posts your audience connects with – and perhaps allow for successful repetition.

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Tip: Lightly tap or Right Click on logo to save

Don't Forget

Fill in the blanks.
Use the stats to audit business.

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