Adding Reviews to your Facebook Page

Do you have reviews set up on your Facebook page? It's such a powerful aspect to your page that you should make the most of!

If you don't have it set up yet, or haven't been able to figure out how, here is how you set it up!

adding facebook reviews to your facebook page

1. Go to your Facebook page, and select the About Page

2. Select Page Info

3. Scroll down to where it says Address and click edit

4. Now if you're like me and work from home, you don't want to list your home address. But you need an address to have reviews enabled...

So, type in your City/Town so for me that's Gold Coast, Queensland, and where it says Address above that - click the drop down arrow and select 'location within a location'.

5. Retype your City/Town and select it.
Your address will now read Located inside Gold Coast, Queensland, Gold Coast, Queensland

6. Make sure you have the 'Show map and check-ins on the Page' checkbox ticked and you're ready to go!

Have reviews enabled, but they don't show up in your menu bar?

If you have reviews enabled, but they don't show up in your Menu bar - select 'More' and then Manage Tabs.

Then drag reviews so that it is one of the top 4!

None of this working for you?

You might be using a page that doesn't allow for reviews. We did a blog post on the various page types. You can check it out here and find out if your page type is stopping you from using reviews!