Hosting an event? You need to add this to your marketing plan!

Snapchat is still seen by some as an underdog in the marketing world. Not a lot of people "get it" but those that do, and those who use it well are seeing incredible results.

Now, even if you don't use Snapchat for your business already - you have to add Geofilters to your next event.


But first, what is a Geofilter? 

A Geofilter is a geographically based image filter. Essentially, when a SnapChat user is in a specific geographic location, a photo overlay of your design appears as an option. They can be used for personal events such as birthday parties and weddings, or business events such as markets, book launches, or special days in store.

Here are some examples:

Essentially, they are transparent png files that SnapChat overlays on a person's photo. And the best part, the cost per impression is insanely low - prices start at - which is  incredibly cost effective! And a great way to engage with your customers in a fun and meaningful way. As you can see - you can go crazy, or keep it simple. You can use it for personal events and add a an extra dose of fun to your event or use it for business and get people actively involved.

It works out that for around 10,500 meters squared, for each hour, will cost you $5USD (on average). And the best part, the people that are engaging and viewing this content have no other distractions at that time. They are solely focused on your content, and in today's marketing economy - that just doesn't happen very often.

This is definitely a brand awareness and brand engagement activity as you can't use URL's, hashtags or phone numbers. So you won't be able to include a CTA unless you're incredibly sneaky - but it's a great way to boost engagement of your event and brand.

But how can I use this for my business?

  • If you're hosting markets (or attending them!)
  • If you're having a book launch
  • If you've got a big sale on in your store
  • If you are travelling to a new town and want to increase your name recognition (important to do something fun and clever in this case)
  • Any occasion that has a specific start and end time can use this feature, and the best part - very few businesses are using it yet, so the market isn't saturated and #marketershaven'truinedityet - because like every marketing medium, there comes a time when marketers ruin everything (but that's just the way the world works)


Want to know how to set it all up? 

Gary Vee wrote an in-depth article on how to set everything up as well as some tips, so check out his tutorial here:

Happy Snapchatting!