Is your voicemail letting you down?

In today's modern age, many businesses run solely from a mobile device...

BUT, have you thought about how this might be damaging to your business? 

Now, not everyone can afford (or thinks it provides enough value) to redirect a landline or 1300 number, and that's fine. However, everyone has access to voicemail. 

Make sure, if you are using a mobile device, that your voicemail is professional, friendly and asks for the right information. 

There is nothing worse than calling a business and not hearing a professional message. You need people to take you seriously - and if their first point of contact is your voicemail, you must take it seriously.

Some ideas for making the most out of your voicemail:

  • Always start with your business name and name (people need to know they have reached the right place)
  • Add in a quirky statement, or a line of information
  • Ask them to leave their details (whatever suits you best, send a text, email, or phone are all popular)
  • Make sure you're voicemail is in fact voice, voice-to-text messages cut people off
  • Always call back your missed calls (and in a timely manner)

If you do these things you'll be sure to make a good impression, even when you're not around!