QR Codes... in the real world

QR Code
QR Code

While shopping for my Mum's birthday I happened to walk past this "Ad"...

My curiosity as a marketer intrigued me - I got out my iPhone with my QR reader and scanned to see what it was. What a way to get users involved in your marketing. Although I would question the effectiveness. It was the middle of a packed shopping centre, and during the three times I walked past I was the only one who actually stopped to look at it.

I think the first issue is it doesn't tell the reader why they should scan and get involved. Especially when you have $5,000 Westfield gift cards up for grabs!

My second issue was that it was very fiddly to enter their competition, and I'm fairly tech savvy... I imagine it would be very difficult for many people to use.

I love that QR codes are being used though, it's a fun, interactive way of marketing, and allows users to store the ad on the phones for later reference.

What are your thoughts on QR codes? Have you seen them used well? Or poorly??