Never miss out on a sale or lead again with retargeting!
Your key to influencer marketing!

Ever wished you could get your product in the hands of the illusive influencer? But don’t know where to start, how to know who to trust, or what a good price is?

Let me introduce you to my new obsession

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The dreaded content creation process

Keeping your Facebook page up to date is probably one of the most difficult and complained about parts of having a business. It's one of the first to be left behind and I know for a fact something we all feel guilty about! 

So what can you do about it? 

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The importance of wonderful clients

I am so grateful to have amazing clients that were happy to be flexible and patient, knowing that there was very little I could do in the present moment to rectify the situation. And for that I say thank you to all of those clients who happily rescheduled and were patient while their launches and campaigns were delayed. 

So, my word of warning and my advice - when you're building your business that is focused on client contact make sure you are working with amazing people.

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How much should I be spending on Facebook ads?

Ah, the million dollar question!

First things first, if you've spent more than $5-20 on an ad and you haven't had a result (we will talk about what kind of results you should be aiming for in a minute) - the ad isn't working.

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The importance of your relevance score... and how to fix it if yours is too low!

If you've ever run a Facebook Ad, you'll be familiar with the, often, dreaded relevance score. Seemingly by a stroke of luck you may get a 7 or 8 but you're never really sure why or how.

The only thing you know for sure is that you frequently see ads with no score, or a 2-3, and you've heard it's bad.

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